Emine Ceylan's Photographs, 1997

Since I first saw Emine Ceylan's photographs they have been a source of admiration and fascination. A sece of giddiness is produced by their depth. They are not merely good photographs with a foreground and background, but more than that burtle dizzyingly ..

Introduction, Emine Ceylan 1999

Wandering through the colours and textures of an increasingly distant childhood, a hidden memory or an image is suddenly illuminated so brightly that the hundreds of images around us fade in its radiance...

For My Father, By Emine Ceylan

He was born in 1922. It was in the month of April but the exact date of birth is unknown. He was born in Çakıroba village in Çanakkale’s Yenice township.

Someone/anyone/no one, Emine Ceylan 2007

"Kimse" (someone/anyone/no one) is a Turkish word that I like hot. While it functions as a determining word, it also incorporates a sense of negativity

Time Travel, Emine Ceylan 2009

At the end of an overwhelmingly hot day, when the sun was about to set, the wind ceased to blow, that artificiallivelihood under the raw light of the sun slowly faded, the figures dimmed and even the crickets lapsed into silence as if they wereconscious ..

    Wild Horses, 2014 360x150 cm. Oil on three canvas
    Wild Horses, 2014 360x150 cm. Oil on three canvas