1955 Born in Istanbul
1973-1979 Marmara University (Faculty of Dentistry)
1980-1999 Practised dentistry out of her own clinic
1984 Began taking photographs and for many years both dentistry and photography were a part of her life
1985-2007 Produced all her photographs (black and white) exclusively in her own darkroom
1986 First exhibition
1993 Gave classes in darkroom techniques at Yıldız Technical University’s department of photography
1995 One of her first stories, "Corn Field", had been used as a base for her brother Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s first feature film "Kasaba".
1996 Born her daughter Asiye
1997 Left dentistry
2007 Kış Yolculuğu (Winter Woyage), a collection of short stories was publised. (Norgunk)
  She is living and working in Istanbul.